Serendipity and opportunity

Serendipity, opportunity, good luck, fluke or something else? Sometimes, images in encaustic art just pop-up into the pathway. This is one of those. I’ve called it “By the pool” and it is one of those images that finds itself created during the process – letting go and allowing imagination to fly free, just like those little…

Rewind TV – October 26th 4pm

One advantage of rewind TV is that you can skip through it and just watch the bits that interest you. Here is the second hour from October 26th. Shona working with the iron and with some stamps and the sealer for the first half and then Michael working with the compact hotplate for the second…

TV on October 26th

Time flies along and already we are back on TV with some more new products and some more demonstrations of encaustic art. If you feel like watching you can tune in live or watch on in the rewind section. We will put the links here after the shows have happened.

Rubber Tools Arrive

There are new products coming into our Encaustic Art life now and through the autumn. First to arrive are some rubber tools for hotplate and hot air work. These are fun to use and bring a whole new set of possibilities to your work. The rubber brushes are used to move molten wax around, usually…

Thanks for Tasting Encaustic Art in the Kent Show

Thanks to all those who came and tried out encaustic art for a few minutes in Kent over the beautiful royal wedding weekend of May 19th & 20th. Close to 180 people had a go and everyone enjoyed themselves. It was a simple introduction to get the feel of using the iron,loading it with wax, spreading the colours , making patterns and marks, polishing the final result and then doing some more cards. Most people made 4 or 5 cards in their quick 15 minutes.