This story is about humanity. It is a story for sharing, a story to encourage kindness.

The illustrations were created in encaustic art wax colours using a compact hotplate and stylus pro as the main tools. The waxes stimulate the imagination, a bit like seeing faces in the clouds or in the fire. And this particular set of images created a story which we probably already knew. What do you think?

The book is available to buy. It could be a lovely gift for friends or family, children or adults. And if you do buy it then you will be helping encourage more story books in wax, and perhaps more from The Wise Walker or some other characters that come to visit during the process of melting wax colours in the encaustic way.

The Wise Walker : a story for this time.

illustrated using encaustic art by Michael Bossom

All images created on the Compact Hotplate : A5 white card.
You are welcome to share it if you wish 🙂

The Wise Walker is an Ancient Story.

There is a journey called Humanity.

We begin that journey.
Each one of us makes choices.
Every choice creates our progress.
Some choices reflect Humanity.
Some choices create difficulty.
All choices affect the future.

A time comes on this journey,
when we must face ourselves.
Do we embody Humanity?
Are we ready to enter the fire?

… choose well then.