Our product line is focused around the encaustic art brand of wax block colours and low heat tools. We have plenty of information to help you begin, learn & evolve your artistic experiences of the encaustic arts.

The encaustic art painting iron is a controllable small electric iron, ideal for melting, applying and tooling the wax colours. Next comes the low heat Stylus that enables graphical input – spots, lines, shading & drawing. Beyond these basic tools are the hotplate and hot air gun, both facilitating far more advanced approaches to encaustic potentials.

There are 48 colours ready made in the encaustic art wax block range. These are a non-resinous product and safe to use by all. The colours are all inter-mixable, so virtually any hue can be created.

Our card stock comes in a variety of sizes from popular greetings card / beginner sized A6 white cards and works up to large A1 formats. There are also coloured cards for creation of entirely different moods. And of course, you are free to work onto any substrate that you find suitable for your applications.

Rubber stamps, books, DVDs, smaller hand tools like the scriber, brushes, scrapy wax movers and sponges too. We hope you enjoy this product line.

The Starter Set above contains the iron, waxes, card, a scribing tool and a basic introduction in 5 languages. Once you have begun with this set it is easy to expand your colours, card sizes, tools and information.

The package arrived this afternoon. I’ve had great fun with it! I think you slogan of “get on with it” really sums it up. Having always been one of these people afraid to make a mark on the page, getting stuck in was enormously liberating!  As well as enjoying blindly jumping is and seeing what happens with no idea what I’m doing (always a good first approach I’m sure you’ll agree), I’m also finding the videos inspiring. So much creative time ahead!

Dave W.

Wow again !! I cannot believe how quick your service is….   … just watched the dvd and it is fantastic and well worth every penny.  I am an artist and do cartoons and water colour paintings and I had reached a mental block….so I thought I would get out my encaustic art again….I bought my original kit over 15 years ago. I am having such fun creating beautiful pictures in beautiful colours. Thank you again.

Brenda in Port Talbot