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Encaustic Art is Creativity with Molten Wax Paint Colours

Welcome to this ARCHIVE AREA of the original site created between 1996 up until 2015. Then a responsive site was necessary to keep up with advancing internet practices.

It contains lots of useful information, but is no longer updated. Links will lead you to the areas of interest and youcan always go back to the main modern responsive site too. The Encaustic Art brand changed logo and packaging in 2017 so many of the brand photos will become outdated, but the information about encaustic painting and encaustic work remains relevant.

In the ARCHIVE, any product links have been updated and will take you to the current Encaustic Shop.
Many of the ARCHIVE links will open in new tabs. If that happens just close it when you are finished and the menu / original page you were on will still be there in the first tab (original page).

We hope some of this encaustic knowledge and technique may be helpful to you.

Encaustic Art is a brand range of molten wax colours, heated tools, materials & information that will enable anyone to enter into an artistic act, whether or not they paint. This fascinating & versatile art activity can be hobby, craft, therapy, a leisure art or a fine art - it all depends on you. And wax can be changed anytime.
Suitable for all abilities in one way or another!

Don't miss the Techniques section!

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Iron Abstract
Iron Landscape
Hot Air Work
Hotplate Work

To be creative is to stretch out into the unknown - so be creative!

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