BIRDSWRL – Hot AIr work – Thick faced cardboard sheet

The Feather – white card

Warm Room – stretch canvas

The Gathering – Thick faced cardboard sheet

Eye of the Dragon – Thick faced cardboard sheet

Modern icon interpretation – MDF board

Ancient Tree – white card

Ethereal Castles – white card

Castle of the Blue Jay – white card

Peaceful Heron- white card

Hot AIr work – Thick faced cardboard sheet

Hot AIr work – Thick faced cardboard sheet

Snow in the City – canvas board

Lady of Lace – white card

Foxgloves – white card

Aquarian Invocation – stretch canvas

Winter Wall – white card

A1 landscape – white card glued onto MDF

Fantasy Future – white card

Forgiveness – white card

Icon initial copy of Christ Pancrator – white card

Inner Light Falls on the Ancients – white card

Hot wax abstracted heat – white card

Transformation – white card

Land of the Unicorn – white card

Old Video Fantasy 1991 – white card

The Touch of Energy – white card

encaustic art favourites
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