Classic iron landscape VIDEO

Ash Tree Stamp

Sawing iron edge – white wax on black card

Spiral iron marks from center outwards

Spiral iron marks – white wax on black card

Absorbent paper – iron edge bulldozer & stylus

iron abstract with stylus musical notes

iron background – figure made with tip

Mini-iron hotplate background – stylus details

iron & stylus illusion of faces

The Runner – hot wax and cold brushwork

Square iron edge trails

Iron background and stylus castles

Rubber stamp central with scaffold border (iron)

Simple abstract with stylus detail

Summer sea impression of dingies

Classic iron landscape style

Indirect tissue transfer – a basis for greater works!

iron – reflected castles

iron abstract – loose and free strokes

iron abstract – skipping backward with the iron

Poppies created with the stylus

Foxgloves made with the iron tip

Illuminated mindscape of castles

Abstract embellished with stylus

Classic scry of magical inner worlds – detailed with scribing tool

iron scry of light and inner vision

more evolved foxglove image

New Age greetings card design A5

Poppies A5 greetings card

Close to Spring A5 greetings card

Waterfall Dance A5 greetings card

Iron made seascape

Classic Seahorse stamp VIDEO

encaustic art A6 Cards
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