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Encaustic Art Stylus Pro (220/240 volts)


encaustic art Stylus Pro wax graphics tool



99530402 : This electrically powered Stylus Pro wax graphics tool will enable detailed application and working with the wax colours. It works as a pen, a brush and an icon and mark making tool. The twin heat control with an on/off switch on the handle (active red light on handle too) makes life easy and the work is very controllable and enjoyable. The threaded tip fixing system offers quick tip changes and allows many tip and head types to be used. Check out the tips and heads available in the tools section.

Size: 200mm x 32mm diameter (without any tip fitted)
Lightweight Cable: 1400mm long (approximately)
It comes complete with:
1 x Drawing Tips (Ref #99530605)
1 x Wire Brush Head (Ref #99530610)
1 x Oblong Tip – Rectangular (Ref #99530730)
Small metal stand (optional to use)
Fine Abrasive Paper (for careful reshaping & polishing of tips)
Voltage 230/40v – 200watts – Britsh or Euro plug – choose during add to cart

 *default with British 3 pin plug or choose euro plug – 220-240volt only.
USA / CANADA – to buy a UL approved 110-120 volt Stylus Pro tool (USA Std) you need to forget this site and any items chosen so far and change to ordering from the USA site at

Additional information

Weight.3 kg
Dimensions28 × 10 × 7 cm
Plug Type

British 3 pin plug 230v, Euro 2 pin plug 230v

Can your electrical tools be used in all countries?

No. They are only suitable for 220-240 volt supplies. This includes all of Europe and many other countries. * If you are from the USA please DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Any country using 110-120 volt systems, so please go to find your national importer who will have the correct local voltage electrical tools for you.

Do all the available tips fit the Stylus Pro?

The Stylus Pro uses a threaded tip system,so only threaded tips will fit this model. However, all tips available will fit into the older single heat stylus unit.

Is the Stylus Pro heavy to hold during use?

No, it is ergonomically designed to fit the hand and has a light-weight cable which is a big advantage. It is nice to work with even for long periods. Better than our older single temperature Stylus in this respect.

Can I order individual colours

Yes. You can pick and mix any selection you wish. Individual waxes can be ordered here: or o a single sheet containing all colours with the order button at the bottom after you have filled in quantity(ies) per colour(s):

Wax Block Qualities: Pigment : Transparency : Lightfastness

Encaustic Art Wax Blocks - 48 encaustic colours
Beautiful colours, all intermixable, create a range that has led a multitude of people into the creative & fascinating world of encaustic art. Encaustic Art Wax Blocks are produced to a carefully developed formula with concern for a high sense of quality & safety. They do not contain any resins. Any particular encaustic paint mixture will have in its own unique behaviour & working manner depending on the waxes chosen, type of pigments used, inclusion of other materials (e.g. resins) & of course the overall quality of ingredients. Our small production block forming machine produces easy to handle pieces. * Exact shades of hue in many colours can occasionally vary from one production batch to the next.
SIZE: Wax Blocks are approximately: * 11mm x 24mm x 42mm weighing 10 to 12 grams * 1 5/8"x7/16"x15/16" weighing just under 1/2 oz.
Wax ingredients
Our interest lies in how wax changes from a solid to a liquid & how it behaves whilst in these completely different states. Good responsive handling characteristics are combined with radiant colours, some soft & gentle, others vibrant & powerful.
 Ingredients in the formulation of Encaustic Art Wax Blocks
Beeswax - is a natural product containing many ingredients derived from the locality of its origin. Pollens and oils affect the odour, colour and nature of the wax, but generally speaking beeswax melts at about 62ºC (144ºF). It is the basis of all the Ancient's encaustic paints and some definitions require its inclusion for a mixture to be a true encaustic medium.
Paraffin Wax - has a cloudy transparent colouring, is manmade and derived from oil. It is cheap (often used in candle making and has a lower melting point of around 55ºC (131ºF). In the encaustic art blocks is used to decrease the viscosity (make it run more easily when molten).
Carnauba Wax - melt point about 80C - A natural plant wax of golden colour included to raise the melt point, add a little hardness. It also improves the polishing shine of the wax.
Micro Crystalline waxes - Encaustic Art blocks use one that melts at 68 C - a by product wax of oil origin, this wax type offers adjustment to the melting point and the viscosity of the wax as well as the heat curve that affect the way the wax congeals back into a solid.
 Glycerine Palmitate / Stearate - Stearic acid is used to harden the wax formulation and is made out of vegetable fats. Melting point 70C
 Silicia – liquitidy improvement, thickening agent.
Pigments - could be described as the right coloured dirt (dyes are not pigments). This dirt is ground into fine powder then mixed with the wax medium. The colour (hue) of the pigment may be very stable and durable over a period of time and is then considered lightfast or permanent. Some pigments are less constant and will fade through time. The blue wool scale runs from 0 to 8 and rates worst fade as 0 and best permanence as 8. It is a measurement of the amount of fade caused by exposure to sunlight over a 3 month period.
Blue Wool Scale ( 0 - 8 ) & Lightfastness ratings used below ( 1 - 5 )
The Encaustic Art Wax Blocks are made with pigments that are tested on the blue wool scale . However, where pastel colours are formed and a lot of white is used in the mix the colour fastness could be lessened and some fading of hue may occur over time. All the pigments are chosen to comply with European and USA safety standards and far exceed all legal requirements. In Europe they bear the CE mark whilst in the USA the waxes carry the CL label which indicates safety in the material but caution in its use - careless use of hot implements can cause skin burns!
Finishing artwork created with encaustic art wax blocks - the ideal is polishing
Encaustic Art Wax Blocks polish when cool, to a pleasing sheen. Use a soft folded tissue pad or soft cotton fabric; old tee shirts are good - some people even use old nylon stockings or tights! No coatings or varnish are necessary, but there is a wax sealer available to add a protective acrylic layer to the surface if desired. This is useful for situations where abrasion of the surface might occur - e.g. greetings cards. Ideally the wax artwork can be displayed open to the air, but only where it will not be touched. In other situations it is better to glaze the framed artwork with a space between the wax colours and the glass. Warn customers, by labelling, that the wax artwork should not be displayed in direct sunlight once glazed! Melt point around 65 Celsius.
wax colours : click any of the 48 colours for their specific individual qualities
* Exact shades of many colours can vary from one production batch to the next. These minor differences of hue are acceptable within the general concept & usage of encaustic art wax as a molten creative material. * Lightfastness : 5 = excellent    4 = very good    3 = good   2 = limited    1 = poor * Viscosity / Liquidity when molten: thicker - regular - thinner * ALL COLOURS are intermixable, but for classic mixing some work better than others. * Metallics are actually made using mica coated with metal oxide (iriodin). * Pastels are made by mixing with white & can lessen light-fastness. * Neons are vibrant translucent colours but are not so lightfast as the regular wax colours. * Mixers are thicker & more 'colour true' for mixing into new colours - strong colours! Click on colour bars for photos of that colour in encaustic art wax blocks *  NAVIGATE TO ANY COLOUR IN THE ONLINE UK BASED STORE - (OPENS A NEW WINDOW).
01 Crimson 995350 01 Crimson Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Diketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrrol Azo-condensation
Description : Cool, saturated deep red with good transparency - poppies, blood, useful red. Mixing slightly on the blue side of a true red.
02 Vermillion 995350 02 Vermillion Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Naphtol AS
Description : Organic pigment with transparent character - The vivid burnt sunset colour is great in fantasy and bright abstract work. Mixing slightly yellow of true red - oranges/browns.
03 Orange 995350 03 Orange Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Isoindolinon
Description : This lovely rich hue is great in abstract and brings bright luminosity to any work. Brilliant orange-red. Mixing true orange.
04 Golden Yellow 995350 04 Golden Yellow Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Isonidolinon, Disazocondensation
Description : This bright warm sunflower yellow is very popular and alive. Reddish yellow. Mixing has a tendency to orange - slightly red of true yellow - good towards oranges/browns.
05 Lemon Yellow 995350 05 Lemon Yellow Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Monoazo
Description : This vibrant yellow is a cool and strong greenish yellow. (thinner & paler than No.44) Mixing - a fairly true Yellow mixer that goes well either to greens or oranges.
06 Leaf Green 995350 06 Leaf Green Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Isoindolinon, Phtalocyanin green
Description : Brilliant yellow-green tone that is vibrant and alive - the green of new growth - vital and energetic . Mixed colour of two lightfast pigments. Mixing shades of greens, pastels, browns, bluegreens.
07 Green 995350 07 Green Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin green, Monoazo
Description : An extremely brilliant transparent bottle green that is alive and vivid - like stained glass. Mixing a middle green that goes to pastel, shades of green, browns, strong bluegreens.
08 Blue Green 995350 08 Blue Green Molten viscocity - regular The STANDARD for 'regular' consistency.
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin green, Phtalocyanin blue
Description : This lovely strong blue green is a rich and beautiful colour. Popular in fantasy images. Mixing good for fantasy mixes with dark blues and red violet - nice pastels.
09 Blue 995350 09 Blue Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin, Titanium dioxide
Description : This standard lightish blue is a popular all round hue. Mixing slightly green of blue - good for skies, green mixes.
10 Ultra marine Blue 995350 10 Ultra Marine Blue Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Ultramarine blue
Description : This lovely blue is a rich fluid colour. Strong, saturated blue - vital & alive. Mixing good for redish purples and browns - granular.
11 Blue Violet 995350 11 Blue Violet Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Dioxazin
Description : This cool purple is a moody, soft and bewitching hue. Bluish violet. It cannot be mixed from other pigments & can be used as Mauve. Mixing soft pastel purples and shades - a bit grainy.
12 Red Violet 995350 12 Red Violet Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Chinacridon, Dioaxin
Description : This lovely strong red violet is a rich & popular fantasy colour. Lightfast, brilliant red-violet tone. Mixing foxgloves, fantasy, purples of all shades.
13 Red Brown 995350 13 Rust Brown Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Benzimidazolon, Isoindolinon
Description : A rich transparent reddish brown that glows with warm autumnal hues. Mixing pastels, shades of brown - tirtiary greens,etc.
14 Yellow Brown 995350 14 Yellow Brown Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Isoindolinon, Dioaxin
Description : This lovely warm reddish-yellow brown is a landscape favourite. Mixing warm browns, landscape favourite.
15 Black 995350 15 Black Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Opaque
Pigments : lamp black
Description : This is a strong & very deep black! Mixing - darkens any hue & tones all colours down.
16 White 995350 16 White Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide
Description : This brilliant lightfast white with highest opacity will make all other colours more pastel. It brings light into your work so you need lots! Mixing make any colour pastel - skies, soft colours, etc.
17 Grey 995350 17 Grey Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, lamp black
Description : Grey wax is useful for muting down other colours. Mix of Black & White. Mixing mute & pastelize any other hue creating duller tones.
18 Prussian Blue 995350. 8 Prussian Blue Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin blue
Description : This beautiful strong rich & brilliant dark blue is a powerful colour. Ever popular! Mixing on the green side of blue and VERY strong.
19 Cobalt Blue 995350 19 Cobalt Blue Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin blue, Ultramarin blue
Description : This is a clear blue colour of cool temperature. Mixing slightly red of true blue - makes pastels & purples
20 Yellow Ochre 995350 20 Yellow Ochre Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Monoazo, Dioaxin
Description : A warm light sand or earth colour. Brilliant yellow ochre tone. Very lightfast. Modern organic pigments. Mixing browns, orange tones & pastels.
21 Venetian Red 995350 21 Venitian Red Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Red iron oxide
Description : A dense colour that is very opaque, like a dark brick. Orange coloured brown red. Very colour intense. A synthetic red iron oxide. Mixing heavy dense colour which darkens & muddies others - granular.
22 Umbra 995350 22 Umbra Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Indanthron, Dioaxin
Description : A cool dark earth brown colour. Mixing slightly blue brown making it cool in temperature
23 Olive Green 995350 23 Olive Green Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Indanthron, Isoindolinon
Description : Very popular traditional green suited to landscape, foliage, etc. Contains two lightfast pigments. Mixing ideal for shades of green and pastels, especially foliage.
24 Pink 995350 24 Pink Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Monoazo, Chinacridon
Description : This lovely soft sky pink is a useful & attractive lightfilled colour. Mixing flesh tones, pastel shades and muted pastels.
25 Gold 995350 25 Gold Metallic Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Opaque
Pigments : Iriodin gold pearl
Description : Gold metallic adds interest [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Brightest results are obtained by clean application with the stylus. Mixing good base for fantasy hues with a metallic pearl effect
26 Silver 995350 26 Silver Metallic Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Iriodin rutil silver
Description : Silver adds sparkle to any image [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Frost, night scenes on black card, etc. Brightest results are obtained by clean application with the stylus. Mixing good base for fantasy hues with a metallic pearl effect.
27 Clear Wax Medium 995350 27 Clear Wax Medium Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : no pigments - natural base wax colour
Description : Plain encaustic wax medium is the slightly cloudy/clear unpigmented base wax for all the encaustic art wax block range. * Use as the 'flow coating' for hot air work. Mixing clear: use to dilute & thin any colour, especially effective with the more translucent ones.
28 Bronze 995350 28 Bronze Metallic Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Opaque
Pigments : Iriodin bronze
Description : A lovely bright coppery bronze metallic hue - lovely on tissue, etc. [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Mixing good base for warm metallic fantasy mixtures.
29 Pearlescent 995350 29 Pearlescent Molten viscocity - thinner & slow to melt
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent Opaque
Pigments : Iriodin pearl silver
Description : The ideal mixer for your fantasy pearl & sparkle colours [coated mica with metal oxide (iriodin)]. Offers a metallic or fantasy appearance when mixed. Mixing excellent for mixing pearly colours, soft fantasy hues.
30 Pastel Orange 995350 30 Pastel Orange Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, Isoindolinon
Description : A warm gentle sunrise or sunset colour brings softness to the artwork. Pastel-orange with high opacity. Mixing soft warm opaque hue.
31 Pastel Blue995350 31 Pastel Blue Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, Phtalocyanin blue
Description : Instant skies with a soft blue that is just the right colour. Pastel-blue with high opacity. Mixing soft skies, hazy gentle pastels.
32 Pastel Lilac 995350 32 Pastel Lilac Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, Dioaxin
Description : Mystical soft & inviting - a popular pastel for many users. Pastel-red-violet with high opacity. Mixing soft hazy pastels, pinks, purples, misty moods.
33 Pastel Mint 995350 33 Pastel Mint Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, Phtalocyanin green
Description : A fresh breath colour! Pastel-bluish-green with high opacity. Mixing to mute blue & greens, very pale eggshell colours.
34 Pastel Coral 995350 34 Pastel Coral Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Benzimidazolon, Isoindolinon
Description : A rich pastel flesh tone with high opacity. Mixing for further flesh tones, skies & deserts.
35 Pastel Cream 995350 35 Pastel Cream Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Opaque
Pigments : Titanium dioxide, Isoindolinon
Description : A soft pale butter pastel yellow with high opacity. Often used in place of white for more muted, warmed skies, etc. Mixing for muted pastels (instead of white).
36 Neon Red 995350 36 Neon Red Molten viscocity - regular
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Red
Description : Clean, bright, vibrant & luminous red - ideal as a highlight & in fantasy or abstract images. Mixing for nice oranges & pinks but has lower lightfastness than other reds.
37 Neon Pink 995350 37 Neon Pink Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Pink
Description : Fantastic bright pink with vibrant luminosity. Excellent in fantasy images & for subtle highlighting use just a tiny bit! Mixing other shades of pinks & purples, but has lower lightfastness than other types of pigments in the range.
38 Neon Orange 995350 38 Neon Orange Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Orange
Description : Nice addition to sunsets images, floral highlights & so on. Clean & bright shade with vibrant luminosity. Mixing for pastel shades of oranges & browns too, but has lower lightfastness than other oranges in the range.
39 Neon Yellow 995350 39 Neon Yellow Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Yellow
Description : A wonderful & powerful luminous yellow colour that punches out its light. Great in light for fantasy images, but must remain very subtle in use for natural works. Mixing - lifts vibrancy but has lower lightfastness than either #05 Lemon or #44 Mid Yellow.
40 Neon Green 995350 40 Neon Green Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Green
Description : Similar hue to #06 leaf green, but this neon is more translucent & can add good effect, especially used as new growth in combination with the darker greens. Mixing with yellows for bright pale greens, but has lower lightfastness than others.
41 Neon Blue 995350 41 Neon Blue Molten viscocity - thinner
Lightfast : 3Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Neon Blue
Description : Good in many situations - nice sky colour included with other blues & pastels. The lightest blue in the range. Clean and bright shade. Mixing to soft pastel blues or greens & purples but has lower lightfastness than other blues.
42 Magenta Mixer 995350 42 Magenta Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Semi Opaque
Pigments : Chinacridon
Description : Basic colour magenta in colour-theory. Deep & rich strength with nice luminosity when used thin. Mixing is true with this colour.
43 Bright Red Mixer 995350 43 Bright Red Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency :Semi Opaque
Pigments : Diketo-Pyrrolo-Pyrrol
Description : Brilliant red tone – the brightest in this range. Great for flowers & stronger red situations. Mixing is true with this colour e.g. Red + Yellow = Orange
44 Mid Yellow Mixer 995350 44 Mid Yellow Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 4Transparency :Semi Opaque
Pigments : Disazokondensation
Description : A very strong & pure yellow as defined in basic colour theory. Best yellow in the range to 'hold its place' rather than merge with surrounding colours. Mixing is true with this colour e.g. Yellow + Blue = Green
45 Sap Green Mixer 995350 45 Sap Green Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 4Transparency : Semi Transparent
Pigments : Isoindolinon, Indanthron
Description : A highly transparent green that is natural in colour & ideal in landscape combinations. The thicker consistency is good for textural foliage for instance. Mixing for shades of green or nature's tertiary colours.
46 Cyan Blue Mixer 995350 46 Cyan Blue Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency : Transparent
Pigments : Phtalocyanin blue
Description : Wonderful & delicious to the eyes, this is close to cyan blue in colour-theory. Great in abstract & fantasy work too. Mixing true to expectations of a accurate 'blue'.
47 Indigo Mixer 995350 47 Indigo Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency :Semi Opaque
Pigments : Phtalocyanin blue, Isoindolinon
Description :  A powerful colour for moody skies, for adding dark contrast without using black. Originally a shade from natural indigo, the lightfastness is strengthened with synthetic pigments. Mixing with browns for a blackish hue, with white for purple tinted clouds & so on.
48 Purple Mixer 995350 48 Purple Mixer Molten viscocity - thicker
Lightfast : 5Transparency :Semi Opaque
Pigments : Dioazin
Description : An especially pure and brilliant Purple which cannot be mixed from other pigments. Rich like an emperor's robe. Mixing tints of purple pastels or other purple shades with reds or blues.

How much does each block weigh? Do they contain damar resin?

High quality wax colour blocks. SIZE: approximately: 11mm x 24mm x 42mm weighing 10 to 12 grams [ * 1 5/8″x7/16″x15/16″ weighing just under 1/2 oz.] Formulated to high safety standards using: Beeswax ; Paraffin Wax ; Carnauba Wax ; Micro Crystalline waxes ; Glycerine Palmitate / Stearate ; Pigments – see individual encaustic art wax block colours for unique colour specific information. *contain no resins or gums.