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Encaustic Art Low Heat STYLUS
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... is a purpose made low-heat tool for applying wax colour in a totally controlled manner. Ideal for any graphical input & detailed encaustic work. It has several interchangeable tips to improve particular uses.

# 99530500

Stylus Model 99530500 - 2013 - 220/240 volts : 5 watts

NOTE: all tips will fit either model.

* Download the USER GUIDE including extra help sheet for refining the drawing tip performance *

Older Stylus Model sold up until end of 2012 - no longer available

The unit is light to hold, maintaining the correct working temperature wax colours.
The stylus operates on 220/240volts : only.

The interchangeable tips just need one turn of the retaining screw to remove or fix in place.

The Stylus comes ready to use & you get:

  • 2 x drawing tips 99530600
  • 1 x wire brush head 99530700
  • 1 x silicone abrasive square - to sand the fine drawing tip end to a perfect working shape
The tips are designed to offer varied approaches to encaustic art work making manipulation of the wax inside an image making detail easier to achieve & control.

99530600 Drawing Tip (2 with stylus)

99530700 Brush Head (1 with stylus)

99530800 Mini Iron Tip (optional)

99530900 Micro Iron Tip (optional)

99531100 Round Tip (optional)

old type short drawing tip

2013 model tip 42mm
Drawing Tip (2 with stylus) #99530600 Find this item in the online
The drawing tip is ideal for creating lines, spots and any graphics
It is made from brass and the tapered end has been split to form a slot reservoir for the wax. The point makes fine lines and spots and the side will give wider lines and marks.

NOTE: Help sheet for refining the drawing tip performance
It behaves much like an ink dipping pen.
  • the heated tip will melt the coloured wax, filling the slot
  • the wax will flow out in a controlled manner when you touch the tip against your work piece
  • the tip will melt into any wax already on the surface being work

Brush Head (1 with stylus) #99530700 Find this item in the online
The wire brush head does not behave like any other brush.
It is a collection of thin copper wires bound into a brass rod. Gently placed against the wax block or held with the 'heel' of the brass rod touching the wax, the colour will melt and flood into the head's fibres.
When loaded it behaves more like a marker pen than a conventional brush.
  • apply colours just as you would with a normal brush
  • work the colours and blend images with little or no wax loaded
  • metal fibres bend and stay bent if pressed too hard so take care!
  • stabbing the brush into wax will tangle fibres beyond repair

Mini Iron Tip (optional) #99530800 Find this item in the online

The Mini Iron tip is suited to working in small areas - patterning, miniature landscapes, etc.

It is the largest tip made for this low-heat stylus unit and it loses heat too quickly into the cold painting surface to be useful for large sweeping strokes - stick with miniatures and small areas.

The triangular tip is about 36mm on the straight back edge and the curved edges are almost 40mm from tip to tip. It is made of 2mm thick aluminum, so can be cut and worked into any shape you choose, using standard soft metal tools.

The Mini Iron tip is really just like the end part of the iron on a stalk - which makes it more like a pen to hold. However it is still quite a big lump on the end of the stylus and takes some practise to be easily controlled.
  • The tip can be reshaped to any form
  • use in a small area at a time or it will get cold too fast
  • you can smooth, lift for suction and use edges or tip
  • instead of switching back to the drawing tip just for one detail invert the mini tip and use the upside down point
  • scrape and push the wax around with the curved edges
  • aluminum is soft so use tissues to clean off any dirt created

Micro Iron Tip (optional) #99530900 Find this item in the online

The Micro Iron tip is a useful and versatile addition to the collection. You can get it into those places where the iron is just too clumsy to use. It is great for working 'inside' pictures and it holds a good working temperature.

Made from aluminum, it measures about 15mm from the front tip to the curved back edge and is 10mm at its widest. This popular tip is worth having enables new potentials and control.

The side of the micro iron tip is great for pushing the wax around, a bit like the tip of a palette knife.
  • load the tip by gently letting it settle into the wax colour
  • push the colour around using the edge like a bulldozer
  • use this technique to heat and melt small areas you want to remove, then dab on a tissue whilst the wax is still molten
  • the edges can be used just like the iron to create thin lines
  • the tip can be reshaped to any form
  • aluminum is soft so use tissues to clean off any dirt created
  • you can smooth, lift for suction and use edges or tip
  • The foot of the micro tip is useful for dabbing foliage, intricate patterns and retouching inside areas of your wax artwork, where the iron or even mini iron tip are just too big.
  • wriggling patterns - stamping, shuffling, etc. work well.
...again, instead of switching back to the drawing tip just for one detail, invert the micro iron tip and use the upside down point.
  • dip the tip into the wax and off you go
  • this micro tip is very versatile

Round Tip (optional) #99531100 Find this item in the online
The disk of this round tip is about 20mm in diameter & offers smooth curved edges when slid over the wax colour. ALso the circular shape can be used to create all sorts of object in images. If the tip is turned upside down the edge can be used for lining which can save having to change to another tip.

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