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Encaustic Stylus : the low heat tool for graphic detail ...

This tool is made to hold the low stable temperature required to melt yet not burn encaustic art wax block colours.
It works much like a pen with the standard drawing tip fitted. There are other heads available, including a heated wire brush head, a micro iron tip and mini iron tip.

So if graphical input is what you want then this is the tool for you. It works on both 110v / 240v electrical supply and consumes 10watts.

... where you see this icon in the techniques index you will find items and explanations that strongly involve use of the stylus this button for detailed information on the stylus & tips

The stylus unit is sold in a coloured box complete with 2 drawing tips and one brush head.

The mini iron and micro iron tips are also available as separate items, enabling further development of controlled encaustic working

Changing the various heads around is very easy.

* You will just need a philips screw driver - the type that works with cross headed screws.
Beware: the silver heating element is hot enough to burn you!

Ideally the heads should be changed over when the stylus is cool, but of course, most of the time when you want to change the tips over the stylus is hot. Be careful not to touch the silver heating element.

  • Rest the stylus head down firmly onto the protected work area.
  • insert the screwdriver into the crossed slot and rotate it one complete turn in an anticlockwise direction
  •   holding a thick pad of tissue in your hand for protection, carefully remove the tip you no longer want to use
  • place it out of the way, where you are not likely to touch it again until it is cool.
  • Insert the new cold tip carefully into the hole in the heating element (don't touch the silver or brass parts if they are hot!)
  • again, carefully rest the heating element firmly on the protected work surface and insert the screwdriver into the slot
  • now turn it clockwise until it is tight enough to hold the new tip in place securely.

The stylus needs to be placed in a safe position on your work surface. Keep you heated tools on the side where you use them - right for right handed users, left side for left handed users.

Some people use elaborate devices or soldering iron stands to keep the stylus in place. However, sometimes this can damage the heads so be careful. Many such stands use a spring which can knock the edges of the tips and is especially destructive towards the fine and delicate wires of the brush head.

A perfectly acceptable way to use the stylus is just to carefully lay it on the work surface, but there is a danger that the weight of the cable can pull it off and when it hits the floor you can bet it lands point down!

This tip shows you how to make a quick and cheap safety stop that helps keep the stylus on the table and the heads intact. It's worth the short time and effort it takes, so please don't skip the

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