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Mini Iron Tip for use with the Encaustic Low-heat Stylus ...
This is the largest tip for the stylus:
  • ideal for miniatures
  • can be reshaped
  • loses heat quickly!
  • The triangular Mini Iron Tip is about 36mm on the straight back edge and the curved edges are almost 40mm from tip to tip. It is made of 2mm thick aluminium, so can be cut and worked into any shape you choose, using standard soft metal tools.
    For miniatures :
    Load the mini iron tip just as you would load the iron baseplate.

    • spread the wax onto the card slowly to create the sky or horizon you want.
    • movement in large strokes will cause too much heat loss when you are working onto a normal table top because it is cold and draws out the mini irons heat quicker than the small heating element can replace it. That is why it is best suited to smaller working areas - the heat builds up underneath the work area and so everything stays warmer for longer
    • the wax can of course be remelted at any time just as if using the full sized encaustic painting iron
    • good detail at a small scale is easier with a tool like this than the regular painting iron and lots of dolls house paintings in encaustic art have been made over the years.
    • the tip is cleaned just like the iron, by using a tissue pad and wiping it carefully on both sides. For perfect cleaning, which is advised before laying in a sky, use some clear wax to liberate the stubborn dirt.
    • NOTE: aluminium will always show a slight grey discharge during use because it is a soft metal and the pigments grinding underneath it as it moves about cause some abrasion.
    • turning the tip over on its back means that just the point touches the painting area. This is useful for fine details without having to swap back to the drawing tip.
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