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Four Horizons : High Hills using the tip of the iron ...

<<< Flat Horizon

<<< Low Hills

<<< High Hills

<<< Peaked Mountains

High hills have bumpier and less gentle curves.

First load the iron using and but instead of the normal loading area just concentrate the waxes in the front triangular tip of the iron about 3cm onto the baseplate.

This wax should be fluid, so make sure to use enough or the method you need to use for application will not easily succeed.
The knack is in using the iron on its edge so that the side of the curved area and the tip combine to form a tool rather like a knife that is spreading butter onto a piece of bread. As you use this "knife edge" to spread the wax across the card you need to control both the shape of the horizon's bumps - make them undulated - and also the amount of angle of the baseplate - the more vertical the faster the wax flows off onto the card. It takes some practice to crack it!
As you move across the card watch to see that wax is flowing down and leaving a reasonable impression of colour behind. Also concentrate on getting some nice forms into the horizon.
Draw a rough shape out onto a scrap of paper then put that above your work so that your eye has something to follow.
Continue down the foreground of your card until the result is pleasing. If necessary more wax can be added and remember that the iron edge can be lifted off and replaced in another location so that, just like spreading butter, you can get bits that are too thick or heavy and spread them out more.
The high hills could look something like this.

Making wipe through water for a lake

First prepare a tissue pad by folding up one of the boxed tissues that are used for cleaning and polishing. Then dab some foliage effect into the foreground wax and at the same time warm the card so the wax stays molten. Now place the card flat down onto the disposable underpaper and pick up your tissue pad.

Holding the card firmly along its top edge press firmly down with the clean tissue pad then in a swift and clean movement swipe the tissue pad across the card lifting it as you go.... more
..and finally you get to your high hills and water forms.
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