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Cut Up Cards : Arty presentation improves the value ...

Presentation is often more than 50% of the effort and careful use of your artwork along with stylish presentation will make the most of your endeavors.

The idea here is to cut up and space out your pieces of artwork to create a totally different effect than the original encaustic painting.

Ideal for cards and arty abstracts.

This example uses a square mandala card that has been completed and polished.

Get a pair of scissors and simply start cutting into the card to form a series of rayed pieces. If you can cut straight that is fine, but for some designs it is nicer to create curves and more complex cuts. You cold also use a knife and rule on a cutting mat for perfect cuts.

Keep on cutting the pieces....
....slowly working across the card...
until it is all made into a series of rays strips that are wide at one end and narrower at the other.
Now carefully lay them out onto the surface in the original order...
... and leave some gaps between them to create space and a different feeling for the whole.
You could leave the piece just like this then glue them onto a card background into the final artwork.
However, once you start fiddling about with this presentation of the pieces it can be fun to explore lots of alternatives...
... like mirroring the rays in the gaps, so that the whole thing has that expanded accordion feel to it.
Alternatively you might decide that it is interesting to remove a piece or two, then spread out the remainder to fill the area - more space can sometimes offer more impact.
Different angles and the number of pieces that you finally choose to use will add together, helping to determine exactly how the best can be got from the materials you have created.
When you finally settle, become exhausted or exasperated, it is best to stop and decide on the background you will now stick the pieces onto. Different coloured cards are abundant these days, so be experimental and try out several until you discover your favorite.

Finally stick the pieces onto the card using glue or spray glue, then trim the card edges to make it all neat and professional looking.

It is nice for the recipient if you have written on the bottom back of the card about the nature of the wax art and the techniques used - this is always a good talking point and gets your work seen as well as talked about. Even poor looking original cards can yield interesting cut up results, so never despair, creativity is very forgiving!

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