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Polishing Wax Artwork

Encaustic Wax Artwork can be finished to a beautiful natural sheen simply by polishing with a soft tissue or cloth. This will also improve the colour luminosity

No further surface treatment is necessary, however, occasional further polishing - maybe once a year - will keep the piece looking at its best and make the surface unattractive to dust too. To reduce handling damage you may apply Wax Sealer

Polishing wax makes it shine and the colour glow with more depth

First complete the creation of your encaustic artwork (or any other wax art for that matter).

Lay the piece to be polished out flat onto a rigid surface and take a soft tissue. Fold the tissue or soft cloth into a pad, then begin the buffing process.

hlding the card firmly on the flat surface buff the wax colours gently but briskly, creating a nice sheen. Hold the card firmly and polish carefully, buffing with brisk gentle strokes. Pressing too hard will begin to remove the wax colours and may also cause the card to "snatch" and become buckled.
...continue the buffing but don't press so hard that you remove the colours! Continue over the complete surface of your work encaustic wax art until the surface has a beautiful soft and shiny sheen. The wax can be polished at any future time without the addition of any polishes or other ingredients. This polishing action will add depth to the colours, refreshing the vitality of your images and artwork.
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