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The Collection Gallery

.. Some of the many images by Michael Bossom that have helped popularise encaustic art approaches since the late 1980's



Hot Wax Gallery

.. a changing set of images that represent some of what is happening  @ www.encaustic.com




Michael Bossom Personal Gallery
A variety of Encaustic Medium images in several small galleries. Michael Bossom who began his encaustic journey in 1986.


An interactive social encaustic upload gallery hosted on Ning - video too.
by Antonin Sedlacik & Michaela Mayer



Interactive encaustic upload gallery - free membership on a friendly group site where encaustic art is accepted at all levels. Take a look, join, upload and comment to your hearts content.


Images created using Hot Air approaches.


Images created using Hotplate approaches

Links to Sites
of many encaustic artists with online galleries of their own. Many artists and many styles from all over the world.
The old original small gallery with simple image sections.

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