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Hotplate : Use as a heated palette for wax colours

NOTE* This A2+ hotplate is best for direct working / surface use rather than a palette for deep tins of wax. It will only melt up to 1cm depth due to top temperature around 87 to 90C max. It is not good for deeper tins of wax - use a hotter device but be careful of overheating in deeper tins!!!!

It is pretty straight forward to see that the A2+ Ultimate Hotplate forms an ideal palette for keeping encaustic wax paint colours molten and usable. It is also great to keep your brush heads warmed and ready to use.

Rollers, palette knives and other tools can all be kept warm and ready too. A collection of small flat bottomed muffin trays for multiple colour pans or single tins for seperate individual colours - all work well.

Of course, the waxes can be melted directly onto the surface of the glass hotplate, enabling individual separate colours to be cleanly available or indeed to allow a mixture or sets of mixed colours to be kept ready to use in small convenient quantities. This is particularly good fo r times when finer detail using various more specified hues has arrived.
Note: The iron is a fantastic mobile palette that can be held right up close to the working area of a piece on an easel, making the distance for the heated wax to travel (and cool down again!) far less than from the hotplate.

The hotplate has been used here as the sourcing palette for loading the roller that was used in conjunction with the hot air gun to coat the canvas that Beannie Cronin is working on here.

So wether you use brushes, rollers, rags, palette knives or anything else to apply your wx, the hotplate is the ideal palette for keeping everything ready to use - tools adn colours alike.

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