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Crayoning Over Wax Artwork - adding colour without heat
It is sometimes useful to be able to add colour into your images without having to use heat. This means that the surrounding wax forms are not disturbed by being made molten again and also that when the colours are applied in a crayoning manner that they do not mix with those underneath them. This technique is very useful for adding little bit s of colour harmony into an otherwise pleasing piece of work or for revitalizing muddied artworks.
Take a card that has gone so far that all the colours have merged into one dull tone. It is good to have areas of lighter card showing through the wax in places and also to have some nice textured patterns or forms in the piece.
Use the lightest colours like yellow first. Make sure that the area of the block that you are going to use for the crayoning is clean. Use a knife to scrape the surfaces clean.
Crayon the yellow wax on top of the cool wax artwork. Take care not to remain in exactly the same place crayoning for too long or the friction can build up heat and start to melt the wax underneath
Continue the process and use other colours like the red employed here.
Move along onto any other colours that you want to introduce and incorporate into the piece as you colour and revitalize its life-force.
When you are content with the additions....
... it is time to polish the piece with tissue. You do not need to heat the wax because the crayoning process will make a good bond between the original and new colour waxes.
Finally the job is completed. Use this technique to add colour into landscapes or any other subject type whenever you need to perk up the vitality of the colour or perhaps improve the colour harmony of the piece.
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