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Metallic Tissues : beautiful arty cards from tissue & wax ...

Sometimes things get to a stage where you think that there is no hope left and that the time has finally arrived to throw the card into the bin!

Don't despair! There is always hope and always something that can be done to find beauty where none was apparent before.

This simple idea will turn those mixed up overworked cards into glittering metallic success.

Quick, easy to do and suitable for anyone who can lift the iron.

OK, things are a mess and it's time to get out of it (or you like this technique so much that you are creating these from fresh cards).

Load the iron with plenty of dark colour.

Spread this on top of the original cards to create a good coating of dark wax....

.. that looks something like this.

That dirty bit of tissue will be ideal for the next stage, so grab it and tear off some small pieces

* you can use a fresh tissue if you prefer

Now place these pieces onto your dark waxed card, arranged so that they form a pleasing layout - they can overlap a bit or there can be some gaps, and the edges don't matter too much because later we will cut them off to create a smaller final piece of artwork.

Now iron over the tissue pieces carefully so that they remain where you placed them, but become saturated with wax and thus stick to the card when you remove the iron and heat.

It all looks dark and gloomy so far, but the magic is about to happen...

Melt some of the metallic colours onto the iron's base:

... then spread these over the tissue area on the card.
Suddenly you see the bright light filled metallics reveal a new beauty.
All has not been lost, but the piece still needs to be better presented to make it shine.

Use some scissors to cut out the "nice bit".

Basically cut off most of the dark edges and thus make the final piece smaller and lighter.

Precious things come in small packages!

Work around the image until you are happy with the piece that remains - it is better to cut off small strips if you are not sure, because you can always cut off more, but you can not stick the pieces back together very easily.

Finally, mount the metallic tissue card onto a background.

Small squares of this onto a dark blue, brown or black background can be very effective. The tissue has a textured feel and is very different from the normal encaustic art results. An interesting starting point for creative machine embroidery. Try using small pieces of fabric in a similar manner too.

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