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Reflected Patterns using the encaustic painting iron ...

In this exercise a certain amount of control is developed because similar techniques are applied in a mirror fashion to reflect a pattern on both sides of the card.

This is good practice for structures and controlled repeating (or skill building). Complex patterns can be developed and accurate reflection is the way to gauge how controlled your skills are becoming.

Load the iron with bands of colours so that each side is the same. Here I used No.8 Bluegreen in the middle and No.12 Redviolet on the outer edges.
Spread the wax evenly down the center of the painting card
Now make a set of marks - like these "lift offs" - down one side of the card, then turn it around and repeat an echo of the marks by creating a mirror set on this other side.
Add a further set of intermediary marks - her I used the backward wriggle of the iron in between the initial lift offs. Then of course you have to again turn the card round and repeat a mirror echo of the marks now added to the first side.
Finally you should have a reflection of the marks and effects - just like this. Note that the colours are a bit different, but this is really not a problem and the whole exercise is only designed to create attractive pattern whilst helping to improve control, skill and development of structural approaches. This idea is developed in the MANDALA.
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