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Melting colours with the iron has always offered numerous possibilities for creativity. This month we are focusing on a few new products that have popped up in the Encaustic Art line. And there are more on the way across this year of renewal for the brand that has already circled the globe across the last 27 years.
Stamping within the Encaustic Art product line is updating and expanding. A new range of A6 clear stamp packs has arrived. Each set contains a number of different stamp images within the set's theme. They are easy to use and by being clear you have the great advantage of being able to place them exactly where you wish. This can be very powerful for pattern making too. It also means more designs for less cost!
Four A6 sets have been introduced:
99550301 - Fantasy
99550302 - Nature
99550303 - Holiday Season
99550304 - Animals
Check out the designs and browse some example images on the pages too.
We're delighted to let you know that you can now buy the Encaustic Art Wax Blocks individually boxed. They arrive packed and labelled in 5 languages (English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish). This is a great way to sort out your colours, identify all those blues and browns, to give as presents. Browse the collection here or buy them on a fast one click page if you prefer.

Восковые краски (2)
On a totally different track, here is a video link revealing how work on icons is done in cold wax tempera - something related to encaustic but quite different. The encaustic medium has been used in various ways for icon work across the millennia. This wax tempera approach is very detailed and interesting. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. It lasts less than 6 minutes:

Work & copyright by Andrei Zharov and his website is: zharovstudio.com
Andrei has courses planned - more here: http://www.byzarts.com/zharov/
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