Quite a lot has been changing and happening behind the scenes for Encaustic Art.

After 30 year of creative work, a complete logo and packaging redesign has been undertaken. The new look products began to flow at the end of 2017 beginning with white card, coloured card, wax sets and the Starter Set. Now some more are coming into the flow. To start with are some rubber tools are shown below. These are great for hotplate and hot air work. We are expecting that in September there will be a wave of new things that can help and inspire your wax creations and artwork. Stay tuned!
New Products Section in Shop
To help us introduce the new products and make sure you can find them easily we have created a new area in our online shop called new products.

We will leave the newer things in this page for a while, but add and change the content as it arrives into stock. There are some exciting new potentials for your wax antics and creativity!
Rubber Comb
Art. 99531510
The rubber comb (video on page) is used to move molten wax around, usually on a hotplate, and also with hot air melted wax. Each edge has teeth of differing spacing. These create sets of lines and spaces when dragged through the molten wax colours. Fine, medium or large. It can be flexed into a curve for smaller portions of effect, swiveled, tapped, etc.
Rubber Brushes Assortment
Art. 99531600
The rubber brushes (video on page) are used to move molten wax around, usually on a hotplate, but also work with hot air melted wax. There are two rubber brushes in the assortment. One has a toothed end edge and the other has a solid curved rubber tongue. These tools are very useful and create a variety of effective marks and patterns.
This is a piece of work done to explore these rubber tools. The board was on a hotplate and a variety of things were used to help in the creation - more here.
We will send out more updates each month as new things happen within Encaustic Art. Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. There is a new beginners book and a DVD twin disk set coming very soon.

Be well.
Michael & Shona
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