encaustic updates Christmas 2020

Well, this really will be our last one these updates for this year, and what a year 2020 has been!

Just as the wax melts and finds new forms of fascination adn aceptability, so too is our world changing.

The calmness of candle light reveals radiant life as it gentle burns the wax.

We wish you a wonderful Christams time, perhasps enjoying some of that candle light and the beautiful unique atmosphere which it creates.


Rewind 2 hours of TV demonstrations.

Another couple of hours on Hochanda - the Rewind programs are available until November 20th if you want to take a peek. You can skip along the timeline of the video if you just want to watch the demonstrations.Janice presents Michael & Shona in their encaustic art demonstrations. Remember that you can skip along the timeline to see the bits …

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Rewind 2 hours of TV demonstrations.

New Discovering Hotplate Course online!

After months of work Wemke and Michael are finally delighted to be launching the new online course called "Discovering Hotplates". No prizes for guessing what it all about, but if you have any interest at all in working with hotplates then this is a great course to work through. Start at the very beginning and initially work through understanding and …

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New Discovering Hotplate Course online!

The Wise Walker - A5 book

The Wise Walker book A5 40pages
A beautifully encaustic art illustrated story of human kindness.


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This story is about humanity. It is a story for sharing, a story to encourage kindness. And now it is a small pubished book! The illustrations were created in encaustic art wax colours using a compact hotplate and stylus pro as the main tools. The waxes stimulate the imagination, a bit like seeing faces in the clouds or in the … Read more
The Wise Walker - A5 book

May 2021 bring new hope to you & us all.

Thanks for subscribing to our updates.

We hope they have been encouraging and even brought you some inspiration during 2020 - a difficult year at best!.

Let's look forwards to 2021 and the prospect of a fresh perspective and new creative opportunities.
Be well and enjoy melting the wax 🙂🙂 Michael & Shona
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