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New Discovering Hotplate Course online!

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Lots to explore, create and learn.
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After months of work Wemke and Michael are finally delighted to be launching the new online course called "Discovering Hotplates". No prizes for guessing what it all about, but if you have any interest at all in working with hotplates then this is a great course to work through. Start at the very beginning and initially work through understanding and …

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New Discovering Hotplate Course online!
Yes, this update is focused on our new hotplate course. It uses both the compact hotplate as well as the larger A2 electric hotplate. Wemke is a great inspiration to bring confidence and perhaps a fresh intuitive approach too. But she also explains all about colours, focuses on vanishing point perspective and finds wonderful opportunities to share with you in the working of wax colours.
Michael (that's me) looks at the pathway from simple mark making toward abstract use of those marks and tooling possibilities. I like to explore the basis of landscape on the hotplate both A5 and A3 work. Also fantasy imagery that evolves as the image grows. Learn in English or Dutch!

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Online course - Discovering Hotplates

Discovering Hotplate online course

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Online course - Discovering Hotplates
Discovering Hotplates is so very full of helpful ideas, techniques and demonstrations all designed for you to learn from & use to springboard into your own expanding creations!
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