Encaustic update November 2019

It's been a busy few weeks for Encaustic Art. We went up to Glasgow for a 4 day retail show at the SECC and met lots of lovely people there. The 15 minute taster sessions were very popular and everyone went away happily with 2 or 3 cards created from a total beginners starting point. And lots of the visitors already had Encaustic Art Sets from across the past 30 years of our visits to Scotland. Some loved it , some had not even opened the box. In those cases we got most to sit down and have a play.
.. and what did they say, over and over?
"I love this - it's much easier than I thought it would be"
"I wish I had opened the box years ago - I've wasted a lot of creative time"
"This is such fun - I'm not at all artistic but the results are amazing"
"If I can do this then anyone can, lol ..."

... and so the comments went on for our 4 days there...

These were similar examples of what everyone did in those 15 minutes...

Starter Set for Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art Starter Set in Gift Box


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Starter Set for Encaustic Art

Learning through Online Courses?

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The online courses site at EncausticHouse.com is growing and proving helpful to those wishing to learn how to do encaustic art, how to grow better at melted wax creativity. There are now 2 active courses to choose from, both available in English or Dutch:
Encaustic Art BASICS
Improving Landscapes - see below ...

Improving Landscapes Online Course

The second online course is now available and will help you Improve Landscapes. Why not take a look at the introductory section which is free. It's very satisfying to get better at something and this course is very affordable. It will be time well spent too.
Looking for a way to improve your landscapes in encaustic art? Well, that's exactly what this online course is designed to help you do. It's not so much about you being forced into creating unfamiliar landscapes, although 6 images are used to explain how development of landscape can be found. The real intention in this course is to share concepts …
Read more
Improving Landscapes Online Course

Hochanda TV rewind - 2 hours recently

First hour at 8am with Adam.
Rewind viewing of this hour is available until December 7th
We looked at simple landscape buildup and much more ...
The second hour at 11am with Alex.
Rewind of this hour is available until December 7th. This little image was the first demo ...
*Note: this starts with a 2 minute Silence of Remembrance. You can skip it by dragging the play head in the timeline.

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Encaustic Art Low Heat Stylus (220/240 volts)

encaustic art Low Heat Stylus

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