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New video inspiration

Another month passed and a lot of short videos were created and uploaded. If you are interested in working with the Compact Hotplate or the Stylus Pro there are some good tips for both in this collection. Sponges, rubber comb and scrapys were all used. The easiest way to watch is to go to the video page at encaustic.com/video/ and just look at the most recent ones.

Transparency & Opacity

Painting with wax has many methods, approaches and even materials. The usual way we work with the Encaustic Art wax block range is to use heated tools to both melt and apply / work the wax into forms. The iron remelts (fuses) all wax in its pathway each time it passes over that coloured wax. The wax coating is therefore by nature, quite a thin transparent coating. This gives very vibrant luminosity to some colours, especially the more transparent pigments.

Adding white will pastelise the colours, making them less transparent and more opaque. Light bounces off their surface and they do not look as dimensional as the truly transparent colours.
Transparent means you can see through clearly. Translucent means you can see-through partially. Light can enter and be reflected from within the colour. Such colours in normal painting allow build-up
of layering and glazing to happen. Heated tools will melt the new and old wax into one. Whether they remain translucent depends on the mix!
Opaque is the term used to describe colours that donot allow light to penetrate or pass through. They reflect light off their surface. In normal painting,
opaque colours will obscure anything underneath. But in encaustic work, when using heated tools, the new top layer being applied also melts what is underneath and those colours all merge and mix!
In the Starter Set Basic Wax 16 block box most of the colours are translucent. These are good ones to play with for initial abstract and on the hotplate. The opaque ones to put aside for translucent playing are better used for skies as they reflect light off their surface. So for skies use white (16), pink (24) and pastel blue (31). The very dark colours like black (15) and purple (48) are also better left aside in translucent types of working.These dark colours are very strong, so a little mixed in with other colours will tend to dominate and go a long way. The are great for monochromatic work and for lines, mixing into pastels etc. In other sets there are more translucent colours to be found and enjoyed too, so experiment and see what you discover as you play.

Compact Hotplate

Working with the compact hotplate onto white A5 card allows many approaches and lots of exploration. On the linked product page you can find a short video which will show you just how it works and reveal some of the tools and approaches you can explore.
This example used many approaches and was done around the Blood Red Moon eclipse in January 2019. Details have been added with Stylus Pro.
This example used many approaches and was done around the Blood Red Moon eclipse in January 2019. Details have been added with Stylus Pro.
Blood red moon

Looking at possibilities

The two images below are stages of the same image. The left hand one began life on the compact hotplate and was then developed and detailed into once cold. The Stylus Pro with the drawing tip that comes as one of the three tip types in the box was used.

It was posted onto our Facebook page and someone kindly commented and responded with the feeling that it might be upside down?!? Well, the title was "Looking at possibilities, so I looked again, and discovered another interesting and lighter image. There is a video of that second process below if you are interested - a few Stylus Pro tips are included in that one, so it might be worth a look, mightent it?
Looking at Possibilities Video on YouTube
Many parts of the image remained unchanged, but the final feeling of the image was quite different.

Don't forget the one week 10% discount on anything.

At the checkout just enter this coupon code in the box provided: 10-20190210
The 10% discount on anything offer will end on Sunday 10th February.
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